Greeting from our President

President Hitoshi MatsudaPresident Hitoshi Matsuda

The market for wet wipes continues to grow for babies, personal care, pets, cosmetic, and disinfecting cleaning, as they are being ever more accepted into people’s daily lives despite the slowing population growth in Japan.

At the same time, some of the products on the store shelves have been produced with the sole focus on the pricing, while sacrificing the quality to the point that customers cannot reconcile with.

The most important factor in product development that we value is to attain a good balance between the quality and price.
Our approach has always prioritized costumers’ wishes when developing a wide range of unique product lines, to respond to diversifying needs of our customers.

We select materials carefully to best represent the purpose, characteristics, and pricing of the particular product, from our extensive network of materials manufacturers in Japan and overseas.

Each product is manufactured with care and inspected under stringent standards before leaving our factory, which have resulted in many satisfied customers not only in Japan also abroad including China, Taiwan, and Europe.

Our incredible location in the backdrop of magnificent Mt. Fuji with its clean air, and the fact our products are manufactured using best quality water attainable, which is drawn from Mt. Fuji, have been deciding factors for many overseas customers to purchase from us.

We are resolved to continue our customer-focused, quality-focused approach while offering competitive pricing to earn our customers business with our high-quality products. The application to which our products are designed for are expanding such as cosmetics and industrial use. We are striving to move forward with conscientious efforts made every day, to create unique products that are environmentally responsible, sustainable, innovative, and useful.

Origin of Our Company Name
Origin of Our Company Name
Our company was originally founded as a group company of Daitou Corporation. When our company became independent, Founder Koji Shirota wished to keep the first Chinese character used in the preceding company name Dai “大.” He then chose “Dai-ichi” for the company name taken from the emblem of flag “Dai-ichi Dai-man Dai-kichi” used by a feudal warlord, ISHIDA Mitsunari. “Dai-ichi Dai-man Dai-kichi” means “A good world can be built when one works for million people, and million people work for one.” This idea embodied his aspiration to build a company that can benefit people in the world.


Company Name
Hitoshi Matsuda

Head Factory
〒417-0801 2848-6 Obuchi, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka

Second Factory
〒417-0801 3069-2 Obuchi, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka


Head Factory 0545-35-24240545-35-2424

Second Factory 0545-37-16000545-37-1600


Head Factory 0545-35-5757

Second Factory 0545-37-1601

Date of Foundation
February 4, 1969
Annual Sales
4 billion yen (approx.)
Our Product Lines
Manufacturing and sales of wet wipes, pocket tissues, boxed tissues
Number of Employees
100 (approx.)
Affiliated Group Companies



IDESHIGYO Group companies


Pocket tissues

Boxed facial tissues

Other cosmetic products

Other paper products

Wet wipes
・toilet cleaner
・Baby wet wipes
・Professional wet wipers
・Pet wet wipes 
・Wiper sheets for flooring
・Personal cleansing wipes
Main Client

Leading household product companies

Leading food product companies

Leading fast-food manufacturers

Corporate History

February 1969
Daito Specialty Paper Co., Ltd founded (Capital: 500,000 yen: 523-15 Nakano, Fuji-shi)
Starts manufacturing toilet paper
October 1970
The department, named DAI-ICHI SHIKOH Co., Ltd., becomes independent from Daito Specialty Paper Co., Ltd
August 1973
A new processing line for pocket tissues production installed.
Begins production of promotional pocket tissues products for banks and credit unions nationwide.
October 1981
Head Factory moves to 1595-1 Matsuoka, Fuji-shi
March 1987
Manufacturing license for cosmetics obtained. Begins production of handy wet wipes
July 1994
Begins production of baby diaper wipes
Contracts made with retailers, major supermarkets, and drug stores in addition to baby product retailers.
February 1996
Head Factory moves to the current location.
July 1997
Approved as a certified factory under the Measures for the Promotion of the Creative Business Activities of Small and Medium Enterprises by Shizuoka Prefecture.
June 1998
Begins production of flushable wet wipes
February 2000
Founder/President Koji Shiroda passes. Succeeded by Managing Director Hitoshi Matsuda.
May 2001
Our second factory newly opens at 3068-2 Obuchi, Fuji-shi
August 2002
Begins production of wet wipes for pets.
September 2003
Company-wide certification of the quality management international standard: ISO9001
Capital increased to 15 million yen.
July 2006
Manufacturing license for quasi-drugs obtained. (Currently not used)
April 2008
Begins production of large wet wipes for personal care
April 2012
Begins production of wet wipes in stick-type packaging
September 2014
Purchased an adjoining lot from the Head Factory, and expanded the factory (approx. 3578 m2) and offices.


Head Factory
〒417-0801 2848-6 Obuchi, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka
JR T?kaid? Shinkansen: 30 min from Shin-Fuji Station by car
T?mei Expressway: 15 min from Fuji IC by car
Shin-T?mei Expressway: 10 min from Shin-Fuji IC by car
Second Factory
〒417-0801 3069-2 Obuchi, Fuji-shi, Shizuoka
JR T?kaid? Shinkansen: 30 min from Shin-Fuji Station by car
T?mei Expressway: 15 min from Fuji IC by car
Shin-T?mei Expressway: 10 min from Shin-Fuji IC by car